I created a five page website for 'Concept Dior' while using a specific design process. I chose Dior as the focus for my user experience website because of my love for fashion, trendsetting, and the amazing models that Dior chooses to represent their branding perfectly.

I stated the problem, showed the solution and used my design deliverables as a guide to the end result.


My deliverables included a wireframe, site map, persona, and a design brief. My deliverables gave a detailed explanation of the process from start to finish.

Motion Graphic pieces were also used to enhance my 'Concept Dior' website. I created four different advertisements that complimented each web page.

A grid-based layout was the right choice for my website. It kept all images and text consistent with Dior's overall look.

Motion Graphic: Natalie Portman,
the new face of Dior